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Mrs. G the RT has worked with many ages and populations and has been unable to find one she didn't enjoy helping to find happiness and joy in life.  While providing high quality care to clients during her career, she found that the providers are all so busy helping others, we rarely take the time we need to help ourselves and give ourselves the permission to rest and refresh with our own interests.  With this knowledge Mrs. G the RT decided to branch out and start a Private Practice Recreation Therapy Service to focus on providers and preventing Care Giver Burnout.  We all need to have time to reset and often caregivers feel badly or guilty for needing this.  Mrs. G the RT is here to show you that it's O.K. to take time for yourself and provide you with the opportunities to do so.

Meet Mrs. G the RT

Marly Griffith is a New England native that transplanted to California almost 1 year ago.  She is a passionate Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist that enjoys helping people through FUN!  Life is too short to not be having fun while reaching goals and growing into the best version of yourself possible.  Marly graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors of Science in Therapeutic Recreation in 2017.  Her whole life she has been dedicated to helping others in any way she can.  She enjoys creating art through various mediums and loves to help heal her clients through the arts.  Health and Wellness are important to Marly and she loves to share her knowledge with others whenever she can to help them live the healthiest and happiest life possible.  She has experience with many populations and hasn't found one she didn't feel she could help yet!  With a specific focus on care givers, Marly understands the importance of fighting Care Giver Burnout and takes the time to give the healers the time they need to relax and refresh in their own leisure interests.  Whether working with an individual or with a business, Marly's goal is to provide meaningful programming to all of her clients.  Click below for information and to schedule your FREE 30 minute phone consultation to determine how Mrs. G the RT can help you become the highest version of yourself possible!


Marly Griffith

Founder & CEO

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