Program Development

Mrs. G the RT will work directly with your company to develop evidence based programming to increase client engagement and participation by providing tools necessary to reach your client and company goals.


Does your company need Recreation Therapy to aid in healing your clients or employees?  Yes, it does! Mrs. G the RT offers a free consultation to advise you on how to start a Recreation Therapy Program using the therapeutic process to help you provide the highest quality of care for your clients and give you the tools necessary to aid in the reduction of care giver burnout.

Program Facilitation

Using SMART goals and objectives, Mrs. G the RT leads your group to higher productivity using leisure as the delivery, increasing overall satisfaction with the self resulting in a higher return of investment.  Sessions can be held in person or using video Telehealth services.

Program Management

Using the therapeutic process, you can see the physical data to prove that play with a purpose is necessary for any person at any age or stage of personal development.

HIPAA Compliant

Privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Mrs. G the RT.  We will never share your information and follow all standard HIPAA compliance laws.


Are you ready to become the highest version of yourself?!